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Alles Muss Rein

In collaboration with Nicolas Vionnet (CH)

Wooden bench with metal paddling pool and massage stones
900 x 160 x 40cm
Taubenplätzle, Ulm (GER)
In the framework of 'Alles muss Raus', Griesbadgalerie Ulm.

We were asked to create a temporary intervention for the very chaotic Taubenplätzle. The little square was once the location of the 'Delphin brunnen' but has evolved into a parking lot and space for thrashcontainers. We focussed on bringing back a water piece on the square that create a possibility to sit, for people to stay in this square a longer time than just parking a car. Also we were looking for a connection to the outdoors, initially sparked by the gigantic tree. We decided to enhance the footbath with massage stones and create a nature-like experience in this very urban surrounding.

The work is still in place and will be on view and usable again in 2018.